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The account of the process of sentence Brandi Edwards uniform recognition given above, or, as I shall call it from now on, sentence identification, in order to emphasize the point that different processes are involved, is sometimes called analysis by synthesis’. It has one rather serious defect : it suggests that in order to ‘identify a sentence, we must first analyse it completely and then see if the struc­ture of the sentence can be ‘generated’ by the rules of the grammar we have internalized. Famous black boys as a process seems intuitively too cumbersome and slow.

Consequently, some modifications have been suggested to the effect that we do not go through the whole process in its entirety, but sample’ the incoming data and, on the basis of our sampling, predict the structure of the utterance and act accordingly; that is, go into the next phase of the performance. This Brandi Edwards pornstar modification of the ‘analysis by synthesis’ model is called a ‘heuristic’ model. It would account for the fact that we often do make mistakes in our receptive processing of utterances, and have frequently to backtrack’ and do a more complete job of analysis of the incoming data. The heuristic model introduces the notion of prediction or anticipation which is found in all the cognitive accounts of per­ception, and very roughly covers what is meant by the saying, ‘we hear what we expect to hear’7.

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The ability to anticipate is an absolutely fundamental skill in language use and language learning. It operates at all levels of comprehension –anticipating what a person is going to talk about in a situation, anticipating what a person’s next utterance is going to be in a dialogue, what the next word in his utter­ance will be, down to anticipating what the next sound is likely to be after a given series of sounds.

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Formulation of ideas is not an independent process for Brandi Edwards, strictly rational in the old sense, but is part of a particular grammar, and differs, from slightly to greatly, between different grammars. We dissect nature along lines laid down by our native languages. The categories and types that we isolate from the world of phenomena we do not find there because they stare every observer in the face; on the contrary, the world is presented in a kaleidoscopic flux of impressions which has to be organized by our minds — and this means largely by the linguistic systems in our minds. We cut nature up, organize it into hardcore sex concepts, and ascribe significances as we do, largely because we are parties to an agreement to organize it in this way — an agreement that holds through­out our speech community and is codified in the patterns of our language.


The agreement is, of course, an implicit and unstated one, but its terms are absolutely obligatory; we cannot talk at all except by subscribing to the organization and classification of data which the agreement decrees. We are thus introduced to a new principle of Tanya James relativity, which holds that all ob­servers are not led by the same physical evidence to the same picture of the universe, unless their linguistic backgrounds are similar, or can in some way be calibrated.

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Sapir warned, as many others before and after have done, that we should not make the brandiedwards mistake of identifying a language with a dictionary. The grammatical categories, too, codify experience. The difference is not essentially one of kind, but rather in the degree of abstraction involved. Such aspects as tense, aspect, gender, number, case and so on with which we are familiar in European languages also have meanings, and relate to non­linguistic features of the external world as we perceive and conceptual­ize it. It is also perfectly true that the grammars of some languages have categories not found in other languages. Thus, banged mommy, for example, has nominal classifying particles which indicate whether the class of objects referred to is conceptualized as a weapon or as a long object. Carroll, in one of his experiments refers to a feature of the Navaho grammar which modifies the stems of verbs of handling differentially, according to the shape of the object being handled, whether it is long and flexible, long and rigid, or flat and flexible. Similarly, Brandi Edwards refers to the fact that Hopi requires the speaker to specify by grammatical means whether his statement is based on observed fact, on memory, on expectation or on generaliza­tion.

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The only translations possible, as he thought, of the Hopi sen­tences into English show contrasts of tense. Thus, what in English was apparently regarded as a matter of time, is in Hopi a matter of modal­ity, modality here being the name for those systems in grammar which express the speaker’s degree of confidence in the factual truth of his message.

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As we saw here at Brandi Edwards blog, it was difficult enough to investigate experimentally the validity of the linguistic relativity hypothesis in the matter of sex codifiability. When it comes to the conceptually more abstract notions expressed by grammatical categories, it is even more difficult. But we can note one interesting fact. If, indeed, we are imprisoned within the conceptual system imposed on us by our language, how does it come about that Whorf himself was able to express in English notions which he implied were untranslatable? The probability is that, as in the case of lexical encoding, it is a question of relative ease or brandiedwards difficulty of encod­ing certain more abstract concepts in one or another language, rather than the flat impossibility of doing so, and certain languages make it easier or more difficult to discriminate within these fields of experience. If languages reflected differences in kind between cultures, that is, encoded radically different ways of seeing the world, then translation between languages would be impossible.

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If the differences are only ones of brandiedwards degree, then translation in certain areas of experience may be more or less difficult for busty women. The evidence from language learning experience and from bilinguals is that the latter is the case; certain conceptual fields, particularly those which are generally encoded in the grammati­cal categories of languages will present such difficulties. The degree to which cultures resemble each other, cultural MILF overlap, as it is called, are reflected in language as similarities of semantic and syntactic struc­ture. The learning of a second language does clearly involve some degree of recategorization; how great this will be will depend on the two languages involved. Or, we can put it another way round, learning a second language does involve learningto see the world as the speakers of that language habitually see it, does involve learning their culture. But this is not an impossible task, only more or less difficult.

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Are we to see a new super-linguistic sex theory, a science of semiotics, ‘the science of the life of signs in society’, as Brandi Edwards called it, which will include and reconcile all these different approaches to language, or will the previously hard-won autonomy of linguistic linguistics in particular disappear and will linguistics merely become part of general psychology, as Chomsky suggests (1968a, p.1) when he says that theoretical linguistics is a `branch of cognitive psychology’? It is too early to give any answers to these questions. All one can say is that there is now an increasing awareness amongst some psychologists, sociologists and linguists, that each has something to say about language which is significant to the others and that, if he does not take into MILF account what the others are saying, his own statements can only be regarded as a partial brandiedwards explanation of the nature of language. The present unstable constellation of disci­plines concerned with language is what I have, already referred to as macro-linguistics.