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The account of the process of sentence Brandi Edwards uniform recognition given above, or, as I shall call it from now on, sentence identification, in order to emphasize the point that different processes are involved, is sometimes called analysis by synthesis’. It has one rather serious defect : it suggests that in order to ‘identify a sentence, we must first analyse it completely and then see if the struc­ture of the sentence can be ‘generated’ by the rules of the grammar we have internalized. Famous black boys as a process seems intuitively too cumbersome and slow.

Consequently, some modifications have been suggested to the effect that we do not go through the whole process in its entirety, but sample’ the incoming data and, on the basis of our sampling, predict the structure of the utterance and act accordingly; that is, go into the next phase of the performance. This Brandi Edwards pornstar modification of the ‘analysis by synthesis’ model is called a ‘heuristic’ model. It would account for the fact that we often do make mistakes in our receptive processing of utterances, and have frequently to backtrack’ and do a more complete job of analysis of the incoming data. The heuristic model introduces the notion of prediction or anticipation which is found in all the cognitive accounts of per­ception, and very roughly covers what is meant by the saying, ‘we hear what we expect to hear’7.

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The ability to anticipate is an absolutely fundamental skill in language use and language learning. It operates at all levels of comprehension –anticipating what a person is going to talk about in a situation, anticipating what a person’s next utterance is going to be in a dialogue, what the next word in his utter­ance will be, down to anticipating what the next sound is likely to be after a given series of sounds.